Making a Difference

Maths can make a difference. Science can make a difference. And all subjects learnt can as well. Teachers can make a real difference. Any man, woman, and child can indeed make a difference to this kind earth and all the beings living on it. Only if we truly try, with our hearts. The kind of difference in view is a positive difference, not otherwise. If it is otherwise, then it is not.

Harmonious living based on wisdom is the ultimate goal of all the content knowledges that we learn, all the skills that we acquire accompanied by all the appropriate thoughts that we think.

UNESCO, Four Pillars of Learning:
“Learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, and learning to be.”

Kindness & Compassion
“The power of kindness & compassion to ourselves and others can mend, rejuvenate & soothe our hearts, heads & the environment, if only we give them a try. The power will be more & more evidently felt within & without when they become a natural part of us.”

The Need and The Greed
“The Earth has the ability to meet every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” –  Mahatma Gandhi

The Delusion of Anger
“We just can’t keep on hating, hoarding anger and expect to change the world with them, which incidentally is already drowned in boiling lava because of them. Making a difference must be different from this. We must try to make the gentle effort in cultivating kindness, compassion, forgiveness, strength, wisdom & understanding within ourselves. We must give ourselves & all the people in contact with us a true chance in tasting what cooling happiness really is.”

The Ego & Desire
“The constant looking within our hearts will gradually reveal the gross & subtle ego and the unrelenting fulfilling of underlying selfish desires which are the root causes of all the prevailing problems we face in this world. The inability to recognise these causes sets the world & us spinning round in cycles to find the solutions to these problems, in vain. The experience of the cooling effects in reducing and weakening these causes may give us new light & hope on how these problems can acually be managed & overcome.”

Core Initiatives in Helping to Make a Positive Change
In this PBL4C model, the initiatives are to gradually cultivate goodwill to replace illwill, kindness instead of unkindness, compassion instead of cruelty & sadism, appropriate happiness instead of sadism, gentleness instead of violence, joyousness instead of jealousy, generosity instead of miser-y, warmness instead of coldness, contentment instead of discontentment, diligence instead of negligence & laziness, simplicity instead of complexity, understanding instead of indolence & misunderstanding, acceptance of faults & weaknesses instead of regret & blame.

Confidence instead of worry & anxiety, caringness instead of carelessness, thoughtfulness instead of thoughtlessness, moderation instead of extremism, restrain instead of uncontrollable indulgence, forgiveness instead of grudgeness, heartiness instead of heartlessness, honesty instead of dishonesty, infidelity & deceit, bravery to stick to the truth instead of fragility of deceit, appropriate fearlessness instead of blind bravery, selflessness instead of selfishness, wegoism instead of egoism, – gradually & naturally, by nurturing, giving ourselves and others enough time and space to mature likening to brewing nutritive and curative medicinal herbs.

There is no fast track in nurturing good, beneficial and happy human beings: men & women, boys & girls. The growing trend of modern society in inclining towards fast food and many things fast can give an indication as to the deep mental states of growing restlessness and impatience among youths wanting to fulfill their desires and demands fast and instantly. Lacking of calmness and patience are the prerequisites to many deeds which one may regret later.

Acceptance of one’s own and others’ weaknesses and strengths as the integral part of the learning process.

Making a Difference


Stephen Covey Channel on Youtube


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